The FPGA based DSP accelerator products provide an ideal platform to rapidly field application specific signal acquisition and generation functions minus the expense of custom hardware development.  Several products share a common FPGA processing architecture and code base with a variety of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter options.

A wide selection of sample rates and support for AC or DC coupled analog connections allow the product to address a broad range of applications (radar, communications, geolocation, recorder/playback).  The AC coupled configuration supports direct IF sampling (bandpass sampling) beyond the first Nyquist zone. The DC coupled option allows operating frequencies to approach zero without attenuation

The products are available in multiple form factors for seamless integration into an embedded chassis or traditional server/desktop environment.  The embedded solution also conforms to the VITA conduction cooled XMC (CCXMC) specification.   The CCXMC product can plug into any compliant host platform with no modification to the conduction frame.

The following is a list of current FPGA based DSP accelerator products with links to the corresponding datasheet.

Datasheet Link Type Channels ADC DAC Rate FPGA PCI
Model 377 Receiver 4 16-bit None 250 Msps Kintex-7 Gen1/Gen2
Model 376 Receiver 2 12-bit None 1.6 Gsps Kintex-7 Gen1/Gen2
Model 372 Transceiver 2 16-bit 16-bit 250 Msps Kintex-7 Gen1/Gen2
Model 371 Receiver 2 16-bit None 250 Msps Kintex-7 Gen1/Gen2
Model 365 Transceiver 2 14-bit 16-bit 400 Msps Virtex-5 Gen1
Model 363 Receiver 2 14-bit None 400 Msps Virtex-5 Gen1


Prior generations of FPGA based DSP accelerator products are not listed here, but documentation and code can still be downloaded using the main menu above.